Orkesterfestival i Israel

UNOF får ofte informasjon om orkesterarrangementer i andre land. Under finner du informasjon om en ungdomsorkesterfestival i Israel. Frist for å søke om reisestøtte til utenlandsturer er 15. desember.
We are thrilled to inform you that the YOFI-Israel International Youth Orchestra Festival will take place between 1st June to 31st August, 2015.

We offer the opportunity for youth orchestras around the world to join our annual tradition of celebrating music by touring beautiful Israel and performing to appreciative audiences.

The performance-venues and lodging accommodations are located in major cities and towns along the central and northern parts of Israel, all within a One-and-a-half-hour drive from one another.

We have partnered on this project with several of the most experienced tour operators in the country, and with the cooperation of several municipalities and regional councils.

We hope you consider us as an option when planning your touring schedule for year 2015, and take this opportunity to expose your orchestra members to the charms and magic of playing to Israeli crowds.

If you know of any other musical outfits that would find interest in the YOFI-Israel festival, please forward this email to them – we would be grateful!

Please visit our website at  www.yofi-israel.com  for full details. If you do have an interest to participate this coming summer in the festival, you are welcome to reply to theis email with any prelimiary questions you might have, or simply fill the application form, and we will provide you with a prompt quote-estimate and offer a tour-plan tailored specifically to meet your orchestra’s requirements.

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